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We Mean Business

Whether you're an established business or entrepreneur, Mango Law gets right down to business when it comes to your business.

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Mango Law Group helps existing businesses grow and entrepreneurs start new businesses on a solid foundation building to long-term success.  The success of any type of business often depends on precise and clear planning on a myriad of significant personal, family, tax and financial implications. In that light, Mango Law Group has extensive experience providing advice and services related to the creation, operation, sale and/or dissolution of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and related business entities tailored to the needs of its clients.  We provide important succession and strategic tax planning for individuals and businesses regarding the formation, operation, and disposition of businesses and business assets.  We also have extensive experience with employee hiring and firing matters and drafting and enforcing contracts, in combination with our consumer debt practice, to promote and enhance our business client’s operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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