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Our Debt Collection Services

Placed Debt Portfolios

Mango Law works with original creditors and debt buyers with  Michigan debt portfolios that meet our criteria and then apply our extensive resources and expertise to efficiently maximize our clients’ return on investment. 


Debt Types We have Experience with:

  • Credit cards and unsecured lines of credit

  • Residential and commercial mortgage deficiencies

  • Auto loans and leases

  • Student Loans and tuition balances

  • Commercial accounts receivable

  • Secured commercial loans and personal guarantees

  • Claim and delivery actions

  • Accounts receivable purchase agreements

  • Construction debts and constructions liens

  • Dormant judgments (we often fix mistakes made by prior attorneys and resurrect previously uncollectible debts)

  • Bankruptcy claims and related matters

  • Fraudulent transfers to avoid collection

  • Leasing and commercial landlord-tenant matters

  • Consumer leases and rent to own contracts

  • Insurance subrogation

Pre-Litigation Services

  • Initial demand letter

  • Follow up letters

  • Skip-tracing for location information and assets

  • Targeted phone by counsel on high value cases

  • Proactive pre-suit negotiation and written settlement agreements releasing all potential counterclaims

  • Collection analysis . . . not every claim should be filed, nor every debtor sued

  • Commercial loan workouts and forbearances

Litigation Services

  • Claim analysis and creative pleadings. We sue on all meritorious and collectible claims leaving nothing on the table, including voidable transfers, and treble damage claims for conversion of collateral

  • Immediate and speedy discovery

  • Aggressive defense of counterclaim actions

  • Post-suit settlements

  • Motions for summary judgment

  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

  • Trials

Enforcement of Post-Judgement Remedies

  • Wage garnishments

  • Bank account garnishments

  • State of Michigan income tax refund garnishments

  • Real property liens and levys

  • Vehicles and asset seizures

  • Post-Judgment forbearance agreements

  • Debtor exams

  • Deep dive file reviews and asset searches for dormant judgments

Bankruptcy Court Representation

  • Appearances and case monitoring

  • Proof o claim

  • Representation at meeting of creditors

  • Preference action defense

  • Adversary actions contesting dischargeability and discharge

  • Motions for relief from stay

  • Objections to confirmation of plans

  • Motions to dismiss for bad faith


Debt Portfolio Consulting    

Scott Mancinelli is a past board member of RMAI with over thirty years experience collecting many types of debt and has

created and managed several debt buying companies. He has been personally involved in numerous portfolio purchase/sale transactions negotiating terms and drafting the sale documents. If you are considering a debt portfolio purchase, we can assist you in completing the necessary due diligence and evaluating the quality of the accounts.

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We Know Debt Collection

Whether you have one account or a thousand, ff you are a creditor, account forwarder, collection agency, or law firm looking for legal assistance in Michigan, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Mango Law Group offers free initial consultation and strategy meetings. We can tailor representation agreements to meet your needs including contingency, flat fee, hourly and hybrid arrangements. Let's talk.

Scott Mancinelli


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